Top 4 VR Accessories You Can't Live Without

You can spend your money on the very best virtual reality system, buy the best games, but without these essential vr accessories, you are missing out on the best experience.

Where do you start?

Hook yourself up with the right headphones, haptic gear, facial covers, and display stands. The only problem is the variety.

And there are a lot.

Do a quick search for virtual reality gear or virtual reality accessories on Amazon and you’ll be drowning in results.

This article takes a look at the current state of VR accessories out there. 

Let’s take a look.


Wait til You Hear About This

What Headphone Upgrades are Available?

Never discount the power of truly immersive audio. Sure, most headsets come with built-in headphones or detachable earbuds, but they may leave a lot to be desired.

For virtual reality, you want a set of headphones that aren’t too heavy, since you’ll be wearing them alongside your VR headset at the same time. Sound leaks take away from the experience, so noise-cancellation is a huge plus.

Another important feature for VR headphones: 7.1 virtual surround sound technology. This is something typically only found on high-end gaming headphones, but the immersion is worth the extra cost.

Wrap Your Hands Around These

What Controller Upgrades are Available for VR?

Your headset lets you hear and see, but without your controllers, you wouldn't get far. Don't neglect your controllers with these latest upgrades.

Get a grip with Mamut Touch's slip-on accessory for the Oculus Quest and Rift S controllers. These knuckle grips wrap around your knuckles and provide comfort and sweat-free control without the need having to hold onto your controller the whole time.

So whether you're playing Beat Saber, Creed, or any other game not requiring you to press buttons, you won't have to worry about your controller flying across the room.

What else?

LogicGrip's Axe One is innovating the way with its magnetic controller add-ons. Now you can snap both controllers together, one on top of the other. This set up would work great for any future baseball games or saber/sword experiences in which having a dual grip would make much more sense.

There's more:

Specialized controllers for specific game types, such as the PSVR Aim, makes playing first-person shooter games more visceral—aim down the sights of your PSVR Aim controller in the real world and you’ll be aiming down the sights of your weapon in-game as well.

More exciting still is the development of haptic feedback gloves and body suits. With these, you won’t need a controller at all—your whole hand, arm, or even body will be the controller.


VR Cover provides comfortable foam covers for a wide array of VR systems.

Face it. It's Gross!

What are Facial Covers for Virtual Reality?

Getting immersed into a VR experience will get your heart pumping and make you break a sweat. Now imagine what that headset will smell like tomorrow... 


VR facial covers and pads are some of the most important virtual reality accessories you can invest in. Protect your headset from wearing down, keep things hygienic, and maximize your comfort.

VR Cover is ahead of the game and will keep you fresh as the day you bought your system. Their face covers fit perfectly around the most popular vr systems, and as an added bonus, will block light from creeping in. After your session, wipe it down to keep it clean.


Stand Out and Show Off

What VR Display Stands Are Available?

What do you do once the headset comes off? Where do you keep it? What about your controllers?

VR equipment is expensive. It can also get messy and tangled pretty quick. With so many pieces and wires snaking this way and that, keeping things neat and organized can be a challenge.

This is why stands and storage devices are so valuable. Instead of dumping all your virtual reality gear on the floor beside your PS4, you can keep it safe and organized on a stand that holds your headset and controllers. 

If regularly you take some or all of your VR equipment on the go, you might want to opt for a specialized carry case as well. These are specially designed to safely house your headset and any accessories.

Fast Moving Market

As virtual reality continues to make an impact on millions of people around the world, you will soon see better and better options for VR gear and VR accessories. This is a fast-moving tech space with innovators, creators, and enthusiasts looking to upgrade their virtual experiences. 

We will be there every step of the way to bring you up-to-date on the latest and greatest VR gear and let you know which ones are worth your dollars.

Are we missing any? Please let us know.

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